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Lumineers for a Perfect Smile

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Have you dreamed of a Hollywood smile, but left it as just a dream? Well, here at The Aesthetic Dental Studio of Rhode Island in North Providence, RI, Dr. Candida Castillo, DMD, FAGD can make that dream come true. We offer Lumineers for an almost instantly perfect smile.

Lumineers are a version of veneers that are ultra-thin. They are so thin that there is not any preparation needed to be done to your teeth in order to place them. This is a great time saver and gives the patient more options. Since there is no major preparation needed, Lumineers are completely reversible, if desired in the future.

Lumineers are great for improving the look of many aesthetic dental issues. They are commonly utilized to fix the look of cracks, gaps, chips, misalignments, discoloration, misshapen teeth, and more. If you thought you were stuck with a dental imperfection for the rest of your life, think again. After you see your smile with Lumineers, you will be proud and excited to show it off!

Some Lumineers are created from a mold of your teeth, so they fit your teeth exactly. A laboratory creates them using molds we create, plus photos and other information we provide them with. They are created from porcelain that upholds strength and shine. When the set of Lumineers are ready, we lightly etch the surface of your teeth to aid a strong bond, and the Lumineer shells are attached to your teeth one by one. Dr. Castillo will ensure they fit and allow proper bite. Just like that, your smile is beautiful! Your teeth are perfectly set and your smile is bright and white. Lumineers are stain resistant, so they will stay white for a long time. With good care, Lumineers can remain strong and healthy for over twenty years.

If you are tired of hiding your smile when you laugh or not showing teeth in pictures, it is time for a Lumineers consultation! Dr. Castillo has a lot of experience working with missing, off-line or mal-aligned teeth. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Candida Castillo, DMD, FAGD at The Aesthetic Dental Studio of Rhode Island, call our North Providence, RI office at (401) 232-7777. For more information, visit our website,

Dental Crowns for Strong, Natural-Looking Teeth

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Weak teeth not only are in danger of decay and infection, but they do not look so great in a smile. Weak teeth must be strengthened so they can function healthfully and be part of a stunning smile. It is for these purposes that Dr. Candida Castillo, DMD, FAGD, at The Aesthetic Dental Studio of Rhode Island offers dental crowns to her patients. We create porcelain crowns that blend right in with the rest of your smile here in our North Providence, RI dental practice.

Dental crowns are like caps that go on top of teeth to restore weakness or to repair the aesthetics of a smile. When teeth are weakened due to decay or injury, they must be repaired so they do not lead to infection, worse injury, or full loss of the tooth. Broken or decayed teeth tend to diminish a smile. A crown can strengthen the tooth, protect it, and bring back that naturally-gorgeous grin.

Dr. Castillo prepares a tooth for a crown first by removing any decay. She then will reshape the tooth so that the crown will fit on it. All sides of the tooth are ground down so that just the center is left. A mold will then be taken of the tooth and the surrounding area so that a dental laboratory can create a completely custom crown that will fit and look perfectly inside your mouth. Since this creation process may take a few weeks, during this time, you will wear a temporary crown. The temporary crown will allow you continued use of the tooth and will protect the area. When the permanent crown is ready to be placed, it is cemented onto your tooth. With care, a dental crown can last for up to fifteen years.

If you are unhappy with the smile you see in the mirror, a dental crown may be just what you need. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Candida Castillo, DMD, FAGD at The Aesthetic Dental Studio of Rhode Island, call our North Providence, RI office at (401) 232-7777. To learn more about dental crowns, visit our website,

Why You Should Say No to Amalgam Fillings

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At The Aesthetic Dental Studio of Rhode Island, we utilize composite plastic resins also known as white fillings, to enhance the esthetics of your smile. White fillings are matched to be the same color as your teeth and therefore, used to give patients a more natural appearance plus they are safer than Amalgam fillings. Amalgam (silver) fillings are now a thing of the past because they contain almost as much mercury as a thermometer. In fact, the most dangerous constituent of an amalgam filling is mercury. Mercury in amalgam fillings tends to target the immune, nervous, digestive and the respiratory systems and can lead to serious medical conditions.

Dr. Candida Castillo is an experienced dentist at the Aesthetic Dental Studio. Being a holistic dentist herself, Dr. Castillo strongly believes in restricting the use of mercury-containing amalgam as a filling material due to its harmful effects on human health. If you have amalgam fillings in your mouth, you should visit Dr. Castillo today and eliminate this poison in your teeth. Dr. Castillo utilizes a special technique for removal of amalgam fillings so that you don’t inhale or ingest mercury vapor during the procedure.

If you have any preexisting amalgam fillings in your mouth, you should get them check for possible leakage, and if so, have them removed at the earliest possibility, in order to prevent yourself from the long-term harmful effects of mercury. Getting your old amalgam fillings can also be very dangerous as the mercury vapors emitted during amalgam removal are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is important that you should visit an experienced holistic dentist, who knows the correct method of removing amalgam fillings while at the same time, not causing any harm to you.

If you desire a more aesthetically pleasing smile or wish to have your amalgam filling removed, please give us a call. To learn more about the types of dental fillings we offer at the practice, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Candida Castillo at The Aesthetic Dental Studio of Rhode Island, in North Providence, RI, call 401-232-7777.

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