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Emergency Dentistry – North Providence, RI

Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies are some of the most difficult situations to handle because they always happen when you least expect them to. That's why we tell our patients to always have our phone number on-hand just in case they ever find themselves dealing with one. For our patients of record, we're prepared to offer over-the-phone first-aid guidance and same-day or after-hours emergency dentistry from our North Providence, RI dentist, ensuring they don't have to wait while in pain. 

Woman with healthy smile after emergency dentistry
Woman in need of emergency dentistry holding cheek in painWoman with flawless smile after emergency dentistry

Why Choose Bio Dental for Emergency Dentistry?

  • Second Opinion Available
  • We’re Dental
  • Sedation Dentistry

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Man in need of emergency dentistry holding jaw in pain

When faced with an unexpected problem, we recommend that our current patients contact our dental office immediately so we can make sure that their smile doesn’t sustain any additional damage. We can help ease their discomfort with over-the-phone guidance and schedule an appointment for them as soon as possible. Below, we’ve included some helpful tips on how to handle common situations before someone can reach our dental office.

Closeup of patient with toothache holding jaw


Toothaches are often a sign of an infection that is developing deep beneath the surface of your tooth due to untreated decay or dental damage that has allowed bacteria to infect the sensitive pulp. You can take an over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or place a cold compress on the outside of your mouth in 10-minute increments.

Closeup of smile with chipped front tooth

Chipped/Broken Tooth

If you’re able to find the broken-off portion of your tooth, retrieve it, rinse it off, and bring it to your appointment. If the damage has created a sharp, jagged edge, you can place a piece of orthodontic wax over it to keep it from irritating or scraping the inside of your cheeks or lip.

Woman with knocked out tooth covering her mouth

Knocked-Out Tooth

Time is of the essence, so quickly retrieve your tooth and rinse it off, but be sure to only handle it by the biting surface. Store it in a sealable container filled with milk to keep it viable and bring it to your appointment with you.

Man with lost filling covering his mouth

Lost Filling/Crown

If you’re able to locate your restoration, pick it up and rinse it off. You can temporarily place it back on your tooth using a dab of toothpaste or denture adhesive. However, you’ll need to get your crown or filling professionally replaced or repaired to prevent any additional damage.

Man with neck pain holding his neck

Head/Neck/Jaw Pain

If you’re experiencing head, neck, or jaw pain, it could be due to an underlying issue, called TMJ dysfunction. We offer occlusal splints and equilibration to provide your jaw joints with long-lasting relief from sustaining additional force and tension.

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

How to prevent dental emergencies in North Providence

Want to know how to prevent dental emergencies in North Providence? You’re in luck! Our team at Bio Dental wants our patients to have the comfort of knowing we’re here when they need us, but we also want to help them avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist’s office. By taking a few special steps each day, you can better equip your smile for a healthier future, avoiding any cavities, infections, or serious damage. Review the tips below and contact us with any questions.

Keep Your Regular Dental Appointments

Man after dental checkup in North Providence

Your dentist is your ally in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease. Not to mention, we will do everything we can to help you avoid potential injuries. One of the most effective things you can do is keep your scheduled six-month dental checkups and appointments. These visits allow our team to identify problems early on and mitigate substantial risks. If we can catch an issue before it turns into a serious infection, we can not only save you time and money but help keep your smile in tip-top shape.

Keep Brushing and Flossing

Woman brushing teeth in North Providence

Along with regular visits to the dentist’s office, you should also maintain an optimal oral hygiene routine at home. With careful brushing (twice a day for two minutes), flossing at least once a day before bed, and rinsing with an ADA-approved mouthwash, you can stave off any cavities, decay, or gum disease. You will reduce your chances of an infection that requires restorative dentistry, and you can ensure healthier, fresher breath by staying on top of your oral hygiene routine.

Be Mindful What You Eat

Woman eating salad in North Providence

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the foods you eat can help or hinder your smile and body. You know that consuming excessive amounts of sugar and starches can have an impact on your waistline, but it can also cause tooth decay and cavities to form. The bacteria causes harmful acids to eat away at your tooth enamel and can even begin to attack your gums. This is why it’s necessary to eat foods that will positively fuel your body and protect against decay and gum disease. Leafy greens, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy should make up the majority of your food intake each day.

Wear a Mouthguard to Protect Your Teeth

Customized mouthguard in North Providence

To avoid a sudden trip to the emergency dental office in North Providence, make sure you talk to us about a customized mouthguard. If you play sports or suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), this unique appliance can better protect your pearly whites and soft oral tissues from serious harm. A hard hit on the field, sudden fall on the track, or stress-causing teeth grinding can leave you scrambling for help from a trusted dental expert, but if you wear a protective mouthguard, you lower your risk significantly.

Use Tools to Open Packages, Not Your Teeth

Man smiling in North Providence

It’s convenient and easy to just use your teeth to open a package, right? Unfortunately, each time you forgo the scissors, you put yourself and your teeth at risk for serious injury. A sudden slip can lacerate your soft tissues or damage your teeth. Instead of leaving it up to your enamel, spend a few extra minutes looking for the right tool for the job.

The Cost of Dental Emergencies

Woman holding cheek before emergency dentistry

The cost of an emergency dental visit will depend on a few different factors, like whether the patient receives dental sedation, if they require X-rays, and what type of treatment is necessary to restore their oral health and ease their pain. Our team takes pride in offering transparent, honest dental care, so we walk each of our patients through the pricing and discuss financing and dental insurance coverage in detail.

Tooth Extractions

Woman holding tooth after extraction

Our primary goal with each of our patients is to help them keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. But, in cases of severe decay or trauma, the best way to protect someone’s oral health may involve removing a tooth. Our team has a lot of experience with this procedure and uses a combination of local anesthetic, sedation, and a light touch, which usually results in the patient not feeling a thing while in the chair. Beforehand, we can help a patient put together a plan to fill the gap with a custom-made replacement as well.

Learn About Wisdom Tooth Extractions