Amalgam Safe Removal

If you ever had a tooth filled in the past, you may have had a dentist place an amalgam or metal filling. Although this material is incredibly strong, it may also contain trace amounts of mercury, which can be toxic. Amalgam fillings may even be responsible for everything from headaches and anxiety to digestive issues and even cancer. If you have amalgam fillings in your mouth and you want to have them replaced with mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings, our holistic dentist Dr. Candida Castillo can easily remove the amalgam filling through the SMART technique.

What is the SMART technique?

SMART, which stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Techniques, is a dental protocol followed by our holistic dentistry team here at Aesthetic Dental Studio to help remove old amalgam fillings in new or existing patients and replacing them with safe, tooth-colored dental fillings.

What we know about amalgam fillings isn’t good. Amalgam restorations emit mercury vapors when placed, which can lead to serious health problems over time. These vapors may increase when brushing, chewing, or teeth grinding. Whether you’re already experiencing some health issues that your holistic doctor may attribute to your metal fillings, or you simply want to prevent health problems from happening, you may wish to sit down with Dr. Castillo to find out about replacing your restorations with mercury-free alternatives.

The SMART technique is a very specialized step-by-step process that requires proper training before a dentist can perform this procedure. This ensures that the dental staff and the patient are safe from any mercury contamination at any point during the removal procedure. Once protective equipment has been applied to both the patient and our dental team, we will remove the amalgam in the largest piece possible using a small drill. An oral vacuum is also used to remove any mercury that may come from the filling during the removal process.

Once the amalgam has been removed, we will need to flush out the patient’s mouth with a special rinse that will absorb any possible mercury particles still in the mouth. It can take anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes to remove the amalgam filling. Once the filling is removed, we can replace it with a tooth-colored filling. Filling the tooth with composite resin, a mercury-free, tooth-colored material, can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

Aesthetic Dental Studio in North Providence, RI Provides amalgam safe removal and other safe materials. Please give us a call at (401) 232-7777 today!

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